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Many clients who approach mtc already have an existing web site. Apart from offering additional development services we also specialise in driving targeted traffic to your web site. What do we mean when we say “targeted traffic”? We mean people who are actively searching the internet for your services.

As part of your web site's development, or as a standalone service mtc. offer search engine optimisation and marketing services.

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150 million

Every month 150 million + internet users visit search engines to look for web sites, products and services.

Source: Google

How we get results.

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  • Bing
  • Facebook
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  • LinkedIn

The two most popular ways to get your web site listed in the Search engines are:

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) where your listing is shown as a natural search result.

2. Search Engine Advertising (also know as PPC advertising) where you pay for your listing to appear in a certain position on a search engine results page (or SERP).

Some engines will display PPC listings before the natural search results and it is impossible to reach the top spot for very competitive key phrases which have been purchased by advertisers, by SEO alone. Other Search Engines (e.g. Google) separate their PPC results from their natural search results.

It is preferable to achieve good natural search results for your web site before you consider purchasing keywords. Then by combining SEO and PPC methods you can cover all important phrases. However for quick results for your web site, PPC advertising can be set up and live in a matter of days. Search Engine Optimisation can be a slower process with paid for submissions being indexed quicker than free submissions.

For a free visibility report on your web site's search engine rankings please contact us.

Google Partners.

mtc are delighted to have been awarded a Google Partner status. Google Partner status is Google's platform for web development companies to gain access to special events and trainings, industry research, Google AdWords product updates, and more allowing mtc to sit at the cutting edge of Google's developments and putting our clients in a strong position.

mtc have meet the strict requirements to earn the Partner badge — which shows that our business is healthy, our clients are happy, and we follow Google best practices.

Email marketing.

Our Email Marketing solutions provide a cost effective way to interact with your existing and potential customer databases. We provide a full service from the creation of the email creative, to efficient delivery and finishing with detailed statistical information regarding click through response rates.

We will deliver functional designs which are visually appealing and match the flavour of your business/existing web site. With the latest tool-set, technologies and resources along with a dedicated team of designers we deliver you emails rich in design and content; both in plain text and HTML.

Once the email creative has been agreed mtc will use its technically sound interface and software to manage and deliver your emails based on the details of your campaign design.

Following the delivery of the emails you will have access to real-time data to watch responses as they happen. We give you a complete report on all the activities on your account; how many people redeemed the offer, the number of clicks, subscriptions, cancellations, trends and more...

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