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A responsive website is recommended by Google to allow your content to be discovered more efficiently

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“Post-PC era” is a phrase which is often used to describe the transformation which is currently happening in computing. Many users are now using tablets and smartphones to view content and browse the Internet and it is a number that is growing year on year.

mtc have a variety of solutions designed to help you take a slice of this lucrative, growing market. From fully responsive websites that adapt to fit any screen size to bespoke mobile solutions which can be deployed alongside your existing web presence or simply making your existing site “touch friendly” we have a package to suit your needs. We have some fantastic examples of the massive impact in success a good mobile experience can deliver for businesses in many sectors and are happy to showcase these to you.

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Supercharge your eCommerce sales.

mtc. offer a robust tried and tested mobile solution, inspired by the largest eCommerce stores in the UK and user research by industry leaders such as Google.

We have seen an upsurge in users not only browsing our eCommerce sites using mobile devices but also completing transactions online.

Building a responsive or mobile eCommerce solution has shown significant rises in conversion rates for our clients equating to thousands of pounds of extra revenue each month.

As mobile devices become more and more capable across the board and we see superfast 4G mobile data connections roll out across the country we expect to see a continued rise in mobile shopping traffic. Speak to us about a responsive eCommerce website.

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Supercharge your sales Supercharge your sales Supercharge your sales

Key Stats

Percentage of people who own a smartphone is on the rise

UK Smartphone penetration 2011 to 2013
Source: Google

Mobile vs desktop usage is approaching a tipping point

Desktop vs Mobile usage, key mtc. sites
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Smartphones are an emerging point of purchase

Purchases and repeat purchases from smartphones in the UK
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